Nine-Ninety Seminar Series for Workplace Leaders

This special front-line leader series provides focused training to develop critical skills for managers and supervisors in one ninety-minute session each month for nine months in a small group format at your location. 

The Concept


Leadership development is important. Managers and supervisors benefit from instructor led training where they learn concepts, ask questions, and coollaborate to solve problems. Workplace leaders are busy. Their schedules make it difficult for them to attend full or half-day workshops. Budgets are tight. Organizations are keenly aware of the cost of training. 


The Nine-Ninety Seminar Series for Workplace Leaders addresses each of these challenges. It brings Mike Deblieux to your workplace to lead your learning effort. It presents Mike's most popular topics in a tightly packaged format that maximizes classroom learning time. It is based on a small group format (maximum twenty) that encourages participation and discussion. It fits your budget at a cost that is below the fees charged for large audience hotel based programs.

The Topics


  1. The Leader, Manager, Supervisor Role
  2. The Communication Role
  3. The Selection Role
  4. The Delegation Role
  5. The Coaching Role
  6. The Performance Feedback Role
  7. The Corrective Action Role
  8. The Conflict Management Role
  9. The Change Management Role

The Brochure


Interested? Click on the PDF icon below to download a program summary. Call 714.293.9156 or e-mail for information about scheduling and pricing.


The Nine-Ninety Seminar Series for Workplace Leaders
The Nine-Ninety Seminar Series Deblieux [...]
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