Team Retreats

A team retreat is not about everyone "liking" everyone else. It is about a team working together to reach a common goal.


An effective leadership team values the opportunity to invest in a "time-out" to look at how it operates. It uses an occasional retreat to evaluate working relationships, team norms, and what it needs to do to adjust and adapt to the realities of its ever changing future. An effective facilitator helps the group ask tough questions, search objectively for answers, and assure follow-up to commitments. That is the role Mike can play for your next team retreat.


The agenda for a typical one to two day retreat includes:


  • Understanding Behavioral Styles
  • Benchmarking Team Effectiveness
  • Creating and Living by Team Norms
  • Understanding Strategic Goals
  • Looking into the Future for Team Needs
  • Corporate Life from the Leader at the Top
  • Managing People
  • Taking it Back to the Workplace


Each retreat is customized to achieve your particular goals and objectives. Call 714.929.1070 or write for further information.

PIHRA District 9 in Woodland Hills