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In a world of technology, the classroom provides an opportunity to reinforce the value of effective leadership, build skills, and maximize management consistency.


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Popular Programs at a Glance:

Managing Job Performance Seminars

  • Performance Feedback

Whether writing a performance review or providing continuous feedback, the challenge is in knowing what to say and how to say it. This program provides templates, tools, and insights to preparing and presenting performance feedback with more effective results.


  • Creating Accountability

Accountability is created when an employee says, "I will ..." This program is about assigning and delegating work to create accountability. It reinforces the importance of setting clear end-result expectations, collaborating to determine "best steps," and summarizing agreed upon processes.


  • Workplace Coach

When informal first discussions fail to improve performance the supervisor becomes a coach. A coach plans, schedules, and facilitates a formal meetting to define issues, required employee actions, and follow-up steps. This program provides a proven model for the process.


  • Documenting Discipline

Participants learn how to use the E-FOSA+ system of documentation to create an opportunity for employee success.


Sexual Harassment Seminars and Workshops

  • The Workplace Island Seminar for Employees

A practical look at the responsibility of every employee to help their employer create and maintain a respectful workplace environment.


  • Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Harassment for Supervisors

Participants learn how to set an example that maximizes collaboration and prevents hard feelings and complaints. They learn their role in supporting their employer's policy through job-related actions, behaviors, and decisions.


Leading, Managing, Supervising Seminars

  • Workplace Leader

The role of the front-line leader in practical terms that focus behaviors, actions, and decisions to create engaged and successful teams.


  • Managing Workplace Change

The role and responsibility of a workplace leader in introducing change, guiding people through it, and creating commitment to the new way of doing things.


The New Supervisor Program

An introduction to the challenge of assigning work, motivating workers, providing feedback and leading a work unit to support organizational goals.