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Thank you for stopping by. Deblieux, LLC offers two resources to help workplace leaders guide their teams to success. First, our virtual and in-person seminars build skills around fundamental workplace leadership skills. They are based on real-world experiences. Their engaging format enables particpants to manage selection, training, coaching, corrective action, equal employment an other key leadership issues with confidence. Second, we offer 1.2.1 Leadership Development for individual workplace leaders who need to rethink and refocus their approach to leadership. Our unique approach involves becoming familiar with the team, sitting in on various meetings, spending time in the workplace, and in-depth discussions to help the leader see themselves as their team sees them and make necessary adjustments.


You can find more information on these pages, but we often find a personal discussion helps you to refine your learning goals and develop a customized approach to addressing leadership challenges. Feel free to connect with us at 714.293.9156 or mike@deblieux.com.


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About Mike Deblieux

Mike works with workplace leaders individually and through public and in-house seminars. He has been recognized as a Blue-Ribbon Speaker by the American Management Association and as a Distinguished Instructor by the Univeristy of California Irvine Extemsion. The Professionals in Human Resources Association (PIHRA) recognized Mike with their HR Excellence Award. His seminars and 1.2.1 Leadership Development engagements are rated highly and often referenced years later as meaningful development opportunities by participants.

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