1.2.1 Leadership Development

Front-line leaders face a never-ending challenge of managing people, processes, and results in an increasingly complex environment. The technical skills that got them noticed did little to prepare them for the responsibilities of developing, coaching, and managing others. Their questions, concerns, and frustrations pale in comparison to the pressures of meeting deadlines and customer demands. In a perfect world, their manager would have time to mentor them through the process of becoming seasoned managers.


Through a series of regular on-site visits, Mike becomes a sounding board, a mentor, and a key advisor to individual front-line leaders. He gathers input from their manager. He sits in on staff meetings and one-on-one meetings. He job-shadows and observes the front-line leader in action. He provides observations and feedback to enable the front-leader to self-evaluate the effectiveness of their own leadership style. He provides reading assignments, action items, and other developmental challenges to guide the front-line leader through a process of refining their leadership style. The overall goal is to increase effectiveness with direct reports, improve relationships with colleagues, and maximize their working relationship with their manager.

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