Resources for Workplace Leaders

A Workplace Leader leads (setting goals, inspiring), manages (providing resources), and supervises (selecting, developing, and guiding people). It is a complex role. This page offers resources to help you navigate through  your important responsibilities. 


Performance Feedback Goals
You provide performance feedback in many different ways. Some are formal. Some are informal. Regardless of venue or the format, performance feedback needs a goal. It needs a purpose. Download this simple worksheet to help you define your goal and decide how to deliver your message.
Performance Feedback Goals.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [120.9 KB]
Work Assignment
All too often, a manager's work assignment is an employee's worst nightmare. What made sense to the manager in the managers office is confusing and vague to the employee back in their cubicle. Use this template to help you team understand your work assignment expectations.
Work Assignment.pdf
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