Workshops for Workplace Leaders

Our workshops build leadership and performance management skills for front-line workplace leaders. They use realistic workplace examples to help participants lead and connect with their teams.

The Accountability Seminar

Successful job performance starts with s clear work assignment. making a clear work assignment is often easier said than done. It requires a plan. It depends on effective two-way communication. Participants in this program learn how to develop a clear, end-result performance expectation for each work assignment. They develop the skill needed to confirm their expectation and collaborate with their direct report to develop an action plan for successful completion of the assignment. 

The Workplace Coach Workshop

Effective performance management depends on regular communication between a supervisor and their direct reports. Some of those interactions are about what is going well. Some are about what needs to be done differently. This program builds on both skills. It enables participants to do a better job of letting employees know what they are doing well and why it is the right thing to do. It provides them with an effective coaching tool for addressing performance issues.

The Performance Review Workshop

An effective performance review is based on job duties and performance competencies. It reviews performance discussions about work performed during the review period and guides the employee toward successful job performance moving forward. Participants learn how to set a goal for each element of their feedback. They learn how to use a template to write out their thoughts. 

The Corrective Action Workshop

Based on the E-FOSA+ system introduced by Mike Deblieux and Lee Paterson in their groundbreaking book, Documenting Employee Discipline, this workshop shows participants how to write a disciplinary action notice. Participants learn how to document their efforts to create an opportunity for employee success leading up to the disciplinary action as well as what the employee did to fall short of performance expectations and the consequence of continued poor performance.

The Workplace Leader Workshop

Regardless of their title, a front-line Workplace Leader is a leader shifts repeatedly throughout each day between leading, managing, and supervising their team. This workshop reinforces the responsibilities of each role. It builds skills for connecting with and guiding direct reports to success. Participants look at their habits and practices through the eyes of those who depend on them for guidance.

The Interviewing Workshop

A team is a collection of people hired one at time. Little is more important on the task list of Workplace Leader than hiring the right people. It is a daunting task - asking questions, listening to answers, taking notes, and more. This workshop builds skills at each step. Participants learn how to develop and follow an effective interview plan. They learn how to ask job-related questions and follow-up questions. They learn how to evaluate candidate answers in relationship to their performance expectations for the open position.

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